2 Many DJs – Concorde 2 Brighton – 10/12/2009

2 Many DJs

I really like the 2 Many DJs mixes, but I saw them at Benicassim a few years ago and couldn’t quite connect with the set. Still, it was late and I’ve consumed a lot more of their stuff now (including the excellent album ‘Nite Versions’) and managed to get a couple of tickets for the C2 gig last night.

For those who don’t know them, David and Stephen Dewaele were part of an alternative rock band called Soulwax from Ghent in Belgium but became famous under their 2 Many DJs moniker for playing bastard pop, techno and mash-ups. The boundary between Soulwax and 2 Many DJs is a blurry one, the album ‘Nite Versions’ for example being effectively a 2 Many DJs remix of a previous Soulwax album (‘Any Minute Now’).

Anyway, so we arrive at their C2 gig last night and unfortunately I again found it hard to connect. The place was definitely packed out and atmospheric, but whether they were holding out their good stuff until the very end or whether it’s just me I don’t know. They seem different live to me than they are on record – much more standard and formulaic without any of the 7 minute building tunes I love. Their remix of Kids by MGMT, for example, on record builds up and the last minute or so ends with a twisted siren sound emulating the main melody, but when they played it live they missed half the song off. So you’re then left with just Kids by MGMT with a techno beat underneath, none of the character of their actual remix.

They did, however, play ‘Raspberry Beret’ by Prince which went down a storm!

2 on 5


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