Ricky Gervais: Science – The Brighton Centre – 16/12/2009

Ricky Gervais - Science

Support from Stewart Francis who cracked out the one-liners for half an hour. He’s the tall Canadian who’s appeared on Mock The Week etc a few times. Favourite line for me:

“When I was a kid my fairy Godmother asked me if I wanted a long penis or a long memory. I, er, I forget my response.”

Good, if slightly tiring as there was a laugh every 5 or ten seconds! After the break Ricky Gervais emerged onto a great set (in the style of Frankenstein’s Castle Lab) on a Segway.

As with the rest of his Stand-Up shows, don’t let the title mislead you into thinking the entire routine is about it. Topics covered included – the definition of science, fat people (and how being fat is not at all like being gay), donating a goat for Christmas, a children’s book on Noah’s Ark, inappropriate jokes, Oscar Wilde at USA immigration and, of course, BAFTA’s and Golden Globes.

I found ‘Science’ to be more entertaining than the ‘Fame’ show which Ricky toured with last year if very similar in material and feel to the other three. Watching a Ricky Gervais show is more like having a chat and drink down the pub with some funny anecdotes than going to watch a rehearsed and structured routine but despite a couple of low points (quite a lot of material which has already been on the podcasts, some contrived-sounding anecdotes, a slightly detached Gervais and a rather healthy dollop of smug arrogance) it was funny and enjoyable to watch and memorable as well. He was on stage for about 1hr10m which is about average for Ricky if slightly less than your average stand-up in my experience.

The Brighton Centre is a bit of a stale venue at the best of times and especially so with comedy as the laughter gets absorbed into the walls and curtains suppressing the atmosphere. It’s also an architectural disaster, but that’s another topic in itself and we can’t really have a go at Ricky for that except to say that maybe the Dome would be a better venue next time!

3 on 5

The Brighton Centre


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