It Might Get Loud

It Might Get Loud

This film follows the back stories of three guitarists who over the years have blazed a unique trail for themselves in the world of rock. They are Jimmy Page (Led Zep), Jack White (The White Stripes) and The Edge (U2). The three guitarists also meet together in person to hang out, discuss things and have a bit of a jam.

They all have interesting backstories and a different approach to playing – Jimmy slings the guitar on and just rocks, Jack looks for the dynamic and difficult in his pursuit of the soul of rock and The Edge isolates himself and twiddles with his multitude of dials to find the sound in his head to express his feelings for things.

It’s a film with an enormous wealth of backstory and music to pick and choose from and different characters to explore and it is an enjoyable watch if it attracts you with the concept in the first place, but it is inevitably rather disjointed and cherry-picked.

Jack White easily comes across as the most inspiring of the three, writing a song on the spot and putting is hand to most instruments he can (even bleeding all over one guitar he plays so hard).

The big disappointment is the lack of a single complete song. Just as you’re beginning to rock out the song is interrupted by reminiscing over a childhood view of Dublin or something.

A rather niche film, but does what it says on the tin.

3 on 5

Director: Davis Guggenheim
UK Release – Jan 2010 (at my local)


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