One Life Stand / Made In The Dark – Hot Chip

One LIFE stand!! Ha-ha! See how they reversed the saying there?! Well, ‘One Life Stand’ was a good single and as I lobbed the CD in the drive (old fashioned) and listened to the first track (Thieves In The Night) I was happy with what I’d heard so far and looking forward to the rest of the album. Contemporary and experimenting again.

Unfortunately the songs are great and terrible in a mixed fashion, much as the previous album, ‘Made In The Dark’. Whether it’s personal preference and someone likes the half of the album I don’t or whether half of the songs are just not very good (more likely I think), it’s a shame and it makes an unplayable album out of a handful of great tunes.

So what to do? Made a compilation of the two albums and enjoy! I’ve even gone to the trouble of refining the tracklist and making the artwork for you! This is now a regular spinner of mine.

And if you only listen to three songs from the ‘One Life Stand’ album make them:
– One Life Stand
– Thieves In The Night
– We Have Love

Made In The Dark / One Life Stand

1 Thieves In The Night (OLS)
2 Hand Me Down Your Love (OLS)
3 Out At The Pictures (MITD)
4 Shake A Fist (MITD)
5 One Life Stand (OLS)
6 One Pure Thought (MITD)
7 Made In The Dark (MITD)
8 We Have Love (OLS)
9 Hold On (MITD)
10 Don’t Dance (MITD)
11 Keep Quiet (OLS)
12 Take It In (OLS)

4 on 5 as the mash-up listed above!


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