Barton Fink

Barton Fink Poster

A Coen Brothers film from 1991 often mentioned as one of their best it stars Coen’s regular John Turturro as a writer from New York who relocates to Hollywood but suffers from writer’s block. The surroundings he finds himself in and the company around him don’t appear to be helping ease that block.

The film does a good job of creating a claustrophobic and oppressed atmosphere and John Goodman gives an entertaining performance as always There’s also a great cameo by Steve Buschemi and hilarious fast-talking Hollywood characters from Michael Lerner and Tony Shalhoub

It drives to an explosive ending but for me the protagonist is not much of an engaging person and the crazy ending doesn’t really explain much that came before it. Lots of plot developments are scattered around in the second half of the film and not many of them are even explored, let alone resolved.

Leaves you feeling that you just watched a film with some funny characters and just a bunch of stuff happening with no real story.

3 on 5


Directed by: Joel & Ethan Coen
Starring: John Turturro, John Goodman, Michael Lerner, Tony Shalhoub
UK Release: 14th February 1992


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