Flight Of The Conchords, Wembley Arena, 18th May 2010

FOTC, Wembley

2 guys from New Zealand who actually manage to make comedy songs that elusive thing – lasting. Their two HBO series’s are funny and full of brilliant music and I had high hopes for a night at Wembley Arena back in May.

Getting to Wembley Arena itself is pretty easy and after grabbing some beers we took our seats perfectly central but right on the back wall. A couple of big screens either side of the stage helped with detail!

Arj Barker who plays Dave in the series was the warm-up stand-up and did a great job and was very funny but the place really lit up when Bret and Jermaine came out performing ‘Too Many DIcks On The Dancefloor’.

After their initial fluster they settled down into their understated, acoustic, on-stools mix of familiar songs and banter. Discussing their ‘crazy’ lives on the road (free muffins, getting stuck in a lift) they tell stories they must have told hundreds of times before but still with enthusiasm and humour.

The set lasted 2 hours or so (I was thankful of the seats!) and was full of classics as well as a couple of new songs, one of which was all about woo-ing a lady in medieval times. Very funny. They also got the crowd involved singing along in some of the songs and had an encore after a quick costume change at the end.

A great evening of music and comedy and if you don’t know who they are well worth checking out.

5 on 5


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