North By Northwest

Poster - North By Northwest

A suspense thriller from 1959 on a case of mistaken identity from Alfred Hitchcock. It starts with a fantastic credit sequence (and a cameo from Hitchcock himself) before introducing the main character – Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) as a capable and competent Manhattan exec. Thornhill is then mistaken for someone else and the chain of events is started.

North By Northwest Titles

It’s really a fantastic piece of work. Every style Hitchcock touches on and emotion portrayed in this film is completely nailed. From the absurdity of the situation to the sensuality of the meeting of the leading lady (Eve Marie Saint) to the risk and danger in the dusty praries and the whole time the character is so well portrayed by Grant that you feel like you are inheriting his character as he develops and settles through the duration of the film.

It’s also full of the most amazingly crafted shots/sequences – a few of which I’ve highlighted below.


A long-shot of the aforementioned dusty praries landscape with the patience to let the bus arrive and Grant alight, this entire scene is brilliant and tense.

UN Building

But this shot is absolutely mind-blowingly good. As our protagonist is pursued fleeing the UN building we get this static shot which conveys all manner of things in a beautiful way.

Those are just two of the highlights in what is a truly great film which has you laughing at the final shot as it wraps up efficiently with its tongue in its cheek. A must-see.

5 on 5

Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Starring: Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint
UK Release: 1959


2 thoughts on “North By Northwest

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