A film which seems to have received an incredible amount of praise or at least expectation, it is a romantic drama film against the backdrop of an alien-infected area of Northern Mexico. Many people will be expecting an action/horror flick (understandably given the title perhaps!) and will probably be very disappointed. In fact, most people will probably be at least a bit disappointed, because although the film is visually and aurally impressive and creates a quite convincing landscape, it is seriously flawed when it comes to the characters, script and plot setups.

There are two main characters, one is a rude and grumpy photographer called Andrew and the other is Samantha, a bankrolled daughter of a rich father. Their relationship is initially hostile, but a series of ridiculous decisions and situations means they end up spending a long time together and etc etc. Unfortunately you don’t sympathise with either character at all in the film and with a sparse plot the characters and script had to be good. Lines like “You know, it’s different looking at America from the outside – in” almost make you wince.

Unfortunately a lot of people seem amazed by the small budget and homemade-manner of the creation of the special effects and appear to be letting that cloud their judgement of the film. I suspect that the reviews will be less favourable a while down the line.

Not a good film, but one that certainly shows a lot of potential down the road for first-time director Gareth Edwards.

2 on 5


Director: Gareth Edwards
Starring: Whitney Able, Scoot McNairy
UK Release: 4th December 2010


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