The Human Centipede


Well, it’s a horror film with the premise that a retired surgeon who specialised in separating conjoined twins has a change of heart and a desire to start sewing people together. A couple of girls from the USA are heading for a night out whilst on holiday in Germany when they have a problem with their car and decide that the best thing to do is to wander into the forest. In the rain. In the dark. The setup is so preposterous as to be quite entertaining, but really this is an idea for a short film that would have led to a satisfying 10 minutes in total. Stretched over an hour and a half it is seriously struggling for content, especially after the ‘big reveal’ occurs about 40 minutes in, therefore killing any hope of tension and meaning that there really is nowhere to go with the remaining 50 minutes. For a short film it really drags. What was funny in the first ten minutes becomes infuriating in the last half an hour and some of the decisions that the characters take make you loose all empathy.

It’s also got (rather surprisingly considering the concept) a TV movie feel about it, given the almost complete lack of any disturbing images or even any nudity or anything like that – the surgeon is a very tame and disappointing psycho for such a film. Anyone interested by the premise will be disappointed by the film and anyone else will be disgusted by the premise.

A reasonable idea for a cult horror film that is very badly executed.

1 on 5

Directed by: Tom Six
Starring: Dieter Laser, Ashley C. William, Ashlynn Yennie, Akihiro Kitamura
UK Release: 20th August 2010


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