I watched this when it first came out a year or so ago now, but was recently heard some of the great original music by Clint Mansell used somewhere else and it reminded me of the film. It’s a science fiction film set at a point in the imagined future where The Moon is being mined in an automated way with a single person overseeing the whole operation accompanied only by the computer Gerty (voiced by Kevin Spacey, who doesn’t play it like HAL from 2001 as you might expect). Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is nearing the end of his 3 year stint on the moon and looking forward to returning home when some odd things start happening.

It’s a lonely and contemplative place to be for Sam: a place so vast and open that it’s oppressive. It’s a film in the genre of a classic Sci-Fi and it creates a really good atmopshere thanks to the visuals and sets (including lots of models) and the restrained acting by Sam Rockwell.

Doesn’t leave you with a ‘wow!’, but has you thinking, it lingers with you and it creates a space that is both calming and tense at the same time.

4 on 5

Directed by: Duncan Jones
Starring: Sam Rockwell
UK Release: 17 July 2009


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