Japanese Toilets

Okay, there’s a lot to be getting on with here. The first thing you notice is the side-arm control panel and that holds your attention as you go to sit down. As you touch the seat, absently looking at the logos on the side-arm, you get an incredible shock and recoil – the seat is WARM!! Unexpected and un-nerving, but you plough-on through.

Now that’s not a very good photo of the control panel, but I think you still get the idea! My friend Ana told me she pressed the lady button a couple of years ago and hasn’t pressed it since. Hmmm, well, I pressed the bum/balls button (that’s a cracking logo by the way) and I understand why. A small tube emerges from under the seat and directs a jet of water to the highlighted area. And I couldn’t get it to stop! (Note – the other button is stop).

Not a very relaxing experience, but look at this handy feature after you flush:

See it? Look again – the water refilling the cistern is open at the top and the top of the cistern is shaped like a little sink – a perfect way of not wasting the water that you wash your hands with! Ha!

Next in the series – Continental Shelves.


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