Sad News – The Passing of Rounder Records

I went in to my favourite local record shop last week to have a flick through some of the ‘Summer Clear-out’ bargains on show and to pick up a gig ticket and couldn’t help notice that it looked more like a closing down sale than a stock refresh. I saw all the posters had been ripped off the walls and the place felt, well, temporary I suppose. I thought that it couldn’t be the case and didn’t have the courage to go and ask the staff in case I was right. As I left I stopped and glanced back at the shop window: “Still Independent, Still #1” it said. Surely the #1 record shop in Brighton wouldn’t be closing, right? The rubbish ones would go first.

Well, sad news yesterday on the mailout read as follows:

Hello all,

It is with huge regret and sadness that we have to announce that we are closing down. We will shut our doors at 6pm on Sunday 29th July after 46 years of being a record shop in Brighton Square.

What we have always strived to do is to stock the best range of music at the best prices for our customers – sadly that is not enough for us to stay open.

We are closing because we can’t make it add up any more. We are a business that has been decimated by downloads (both legal and illegal), VAT avoidance by the big online retailers, a double dip recession, & the decline of the high street. Our lease has ended and we have nowhere to go.

We would like to give heartfelt thanks to all our customers over the years, and hope that we have managed to provide you with some special and great music throughout this time. That’s why we have been here – as place to obtain, hear, find out about, discuss all types of the weird & wonderful world of music, to be a social hub for a musical city, a place where future bands are born, where record labels are started, where local bands can stock their first release, where you can get tickets for gigs, where there’s something playing on the shop stereo that might be your new favourite band. Sadly, in 2012, this is just not financially viable.

Our sale continues, with 40% off all DVDs, 30% off all CDs, and 20% off all vinyl.

Tickets- if you have booked tickets with us for collection, please try and collect them before we close. If that’s not possible, be assured that we will pass your tickets on to the relevant promoter for collection on the night of the gig.

If you have Sale or Return stock placed with us, you need to come and collect it.
Promoters – if we haven’t had the chance to talk to you yet, please pop in or give us a call.

Best wishes,

Steve & all the Rounder staff

©2012 rounder records | 19 Brighton Square Brighton BN1 1HD 01273 325440

I’ll lament its passing as I won’t be able to call in, browse, listen, ask or pickup a new album anymore. I suspect many others won’t as they are happy buying from amazon (£7bn sales, no UK corporation tax) [] or just downloading/iTunes. Perhaps that is the way of the world. Or perhaps I’m going to have to go to Resident now and suffer their ridiculously positive reviews on the front of everything.

So why not head down this week and pick up a new album and give them one last send-off. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Statement Of Intent – DJ Format

Local-boy DJ Format’s new album is a very welcome chunk of funky hip-hop that also spreads out into instrumental and darker areas at times. Joined by Sureshot La Rock, Edan, The Nostalgia 77 Quintet and others (including himself – long story) there are moments reminiscent of his first album and Abdominal (I’m thinking of ‘Dope Pusher’ off this and ‘The Hit Song’ from his first, musically and lyrically) and also some early DJ Shadow and Portishead (‘Copper Canyons’) and there’s a loop near the end of the album which just won’t get out of my head! (‘Mr DJ’). Check it out!

Also, check out a vodcast of his work with ‘The Simonsound’:

In Our Heads – Hot Chip

Some more great tunes on the new Hot Chip album, especially the single ‘Night And Day’. The second song actually reminds me of Flight Of The Conchords and perhaps that’s a good overall mood for the album – happy, fun, disco-ey, dancey. Listen to the first (‘Motion SIckness’) and the seventh (‘Flutes’) to see if this one’s for you.

Hasta luego


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