Side Effects

A story of a woman’s depression following her husband’s jailing for insider trading and the lives of the people connected with them, starring Rooney Mara, Jude Law and Catherine Zeta Jones and directed by Steven Spderbergh.

Jude Law is fantastic as the psychiatrist, initially portraying someone who appears to have everything and be in an incredibly good place, but transitioning on to other states as the events around him change. Rooney Mara shows here flexibility as an actress again, with her character here coming across as disinterested, dulled of life and hopeless.

Soderbergh directs it really well too, with the story initially seeming pretty typical, but little hints and glances dropped here and there to get you thinking about what to trust and what’s coming up.

The latter part of the film contains a few twists and reveals, and the conclusion is silly but in an enjoyable way and it doesn’t out stay its welcome either: it’s not a rushed ending, but nor is it one that takes a thousand and one twists to settle.

I enjoyed it!

4 on 5

Director – Steven Soderbergh
Starring – Rooney Mara, Jude Law, Catherine Zeta Jones, Channing Tatum UK Release – 8th March 2012


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