A story about a remarkable journey a woman called Robyn Davidson took in the late 70s crossing the desert land of Western Australia to the ocean with only 4 camels and a dog for company.

It’s a 1700 mile journey (which is like walking from London to Ankara) she undertakes in this film (played by Mia Wasikowska) partly because of her upbringing and father’s travels, but also partly because she seems to dislike modern city life in general and people in particular. Moving home to be away from the city doesn’t seem to help initially as all the men she encounters early in the film appear to be bigoted idiots, so she decides to distance herself from everyone! As we journey with Robyn on a slow meander through the countryside she just seems to get more and more miserable and intolerant.

Mr Eddy (Roly Mintuma) is the high point of the film as the cheerful babbling aboriginal elder who helps Robyn through sacred lands. However for most of the film there appears to be quite a troubling undercurrent in the way the various different groups of peoples are portrayed either all positively or negatively, but thankfully this is resolved in the last third. Robyn even smiles on at least two occasions before the film finishes!

I didn’t really like it or dislike it very much, but it is a bit disappointing that they squandered what could have been an interesting film about an inspiring woman’s story and ended up with a gloomy one that just sort of happens really.

2 on 5

Directed by: John Curran
Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Adam Driver, Roly Mintuma
UK Release: 25th April 2014


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