The Way, Way Back

A film that follows the story of 13 year Duncan being dragged on summer holiday with his mum’s new idiot boyfriend. He finds a way to escape the situation working at the local waterpark, hanging out with the laid-back Owen, played by Sam Rockwell.

It’s a lazy summer holiday film with a central performance that’s a bit of an exercise in minimalism for the young Duncan (Liam James). I like Sam Rockwell but his character here was a bit unfinished, hard to understand and a little bit weird, verging on the creepy in places. Steve Carrell plays a really good a-hole and Toni Colette is good as the insecure mother.

It’s fairly innocuous if a little bit basic, but probably resonates loudly with teenagers trying to cope with being dragged on holiday with their parent and their new idiot partner as that is essentially what the film concerns.

3 on 5

Directed by: Nat Faxon, Jim Rash
Starring: Steve Carell, Toni Collett, Liam James, Allison Janne, AnnaSophia Rob, Sam Rockwell, Maya Rudolp, Rob Corddr, Amanda Peet
UK release: 28th August 2013


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